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No one likes litigation or being involved in a lawsuit.  However, if you find yourself in a legal battle, Victory is the only goal. Simply put, if you are to achieve victory in your litigation, you must retain the right attorney to handle your case. You must retain an aggressive attorney with the drive and desire to achieve Victory – one who isn’t afraid of a fight.

Attorney David M. Boyd is a fighter and he is focused on Victory.  Mr. Boyd has built his legal reputation on being an Aggressive Trial Attorney.  He is not intimidated by opposing litigants or their attorneys. 

Victory is the only acceptable outcome for Mr. Boyd.  Mr. Boyd makes it his daily mission to outwork and outperform his opposition.  There is no shortcut to a successful and victorious outcome in litigation; it requires hard work, focus, and determination.

Mr. Boyd enlisted in the United States Marine Corps while in high school.  He fought for our country in combat during Desert Shield/Desert Storm.  Although the battlefield is different now, Mr. Boyd is still fighting – fighting to achieve victory for his clients in Court.

The Boyd Firm offers a level of service to their clients without equal in the legal community.  Mr. Boyd understands the importance of his clients being informed during the litigation process.  Accordingly, he and his staff will work hard to ensure that clients are kept informed during the litigation process. 

The first step to retain Mr. Boyd is a physical, in-person, consultation.  A consultation serves a critical purpose.  It allows you to meet with, hear from, and evaluate for yourself Mr. Boyd.  Unlike many lawyers, Mr. Boyd charges potential clients a consultation fee.  The reason for this is simple – it’s because of Time.  Time is the most valuable, and the scarcest of all resources, available to an attorney.  A consultation fee allows Mr. Boyd to preserve his time, dividing it between his duties and obligations to existing clients, as well as meeting and hearing from potential ones.

During the consultation, potential clients learn about the applicable laws relating to their legal situation, and will also hear from Mr. Boyd as he shares his thoughts, plans, and strategy for handling the case.  Mr. Boyd and his staff have implemented a thorough screening process relating to potential clients. The Boyd Firm represents only those who are truly committed to Victory.

The Boyd Firm is located in downtown Knoxville, conveniently located across the street from both Federal and State Courts.  To discuss your legal situation with Mr. Boyd, contact The Boyd Firm at 865-246-1800 to schedule your consultation.

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practice areas


A Divorce is a battle with a former lover over the most important aspects of your life. Finances, children, retirement, and debt are all factors in a divorce. We aggressively handle divorce case for our clients.

elder ABUSE

Elderly living in nursing homes deserve respect, medical care and a safe environment. We aggressively sue nursing home who abuse or neglect their residents.

car wrecks

We aggressively represent those who have been seriously injured, by no fault of their own, in car wrecks. Injuries, unexpected bills, and anxiety are all to be expected after a car wreck. Put us in charge of your wreck.


We ride, and understand the thrill and the freedom of riding a motorcycle. We aggressively handle motorcycle wrecks and only represent Bikers who are seriously injured through no fault of their own.


A DUI can be successfully defended. It takes an aggressive lawyer to both cross examine the police officer who has charged you with DUI and independently examine the evidence.

criminal defense

Being charged with a crime is serious and it has vast consequences for all aspects of your life. Do not settle for anything less than an aggressive lawyer to handle your pending criminal case.

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