focused on aggressive litigation

The Boyd Firm is focused on aggressive litigation. Our Founder, David M. Boyd, takes pride in being an Aggressive Trial Attorney.

Mr. Boyd believes in hard work, personal responsibility, and service.  The Boyd Firm offers a level of service to their clients that is without equal in the legal community.

In the past, Mr. Boyd Served our country in combat while in the United States Marine Corps.  Today, his focus is on serving his clients during their litigation.

The Boyd Firm is located in downtown Knoxville, directly across from both Federal and State Courts.

Take a moment to explore The Boyd Firm, and once you do so, we look forward to hearing from you. Contact The Boyd Firm at 865-246-1800 to schedule your appointment.

practice areas


A Divorce is a battle with a former lover over the most important aspects of your life. Finances, children, retirement, and debt are all factors in a divorce. We aggressively handle divorce case for our clients.

criminal defense

Being charged with a crime is serious and it has vast consequences for all aspects of your life. Do not settle for anything less than an aggressive lawyer to handle your pending criminal case.

car wrecks

We aggressively represent those who have been seriously injured, by no fault of their own, in car wrecks. Injuries, unexpected bills, and anxiety are all to be expected after a car wreck. Put us in charge of your wreck.


A DUI can be successfully defended. It takes an aggressive lawyer to both cross examine the police officer who has charged you with DUI and independently examine the evidence.


We ride, and understand the thrill and the freedom of riding a motorcycle. We aggressively handle motorcycle wrecks and only represent Bikers who are seriously injured through no fault of their own.


Elderly living in nursing homes deserve respect, medical care and a safe environment. We aggressively sue nursing home who abuse or neglect their residents.

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